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Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers Saves The Holidays

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We've all experienced the aggravation of having a scratched or marked-up piece of furniture. Many times, when trying to fix a scratch we make the damage even worse. Don't allow this annoyance to ruin your home's aesthetic for the upcoming holiday season!

Fortunately for us all, Parker & Bailey has a great solution for our home improvement needs. Check out the Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers; these touch-up markers will save you time and frustration by simply filling your scratched furniture, cabinetry, and even hardwood floors! These touch-up markers are a great and easy solution as they will gently and effectively fill your scratches anywhere around your home. The three wood-toned markers blend with just about all the wood finishes you can think of. Touch-up markers are also incredibly easy and versatile to use; they are an essential item for any caring homeowner. Simply apply the marker most similar to your wood finish, whether it is a chair, table, wood floor, etc., and voila, these touch-up markers will fill and blend any scratch to perfection. No more worrying about those annoying scratches, and start enjoying a scratch-free happy holiday season!

Keep-up With Summer Activities

Have you or your kids been spending a lot of time outdoors this summer? Do your kids sometimes forget to take their shoes off before walking on your hard wood floors? Don't let cleaning discourage you or your kids from having fun outdoors! Our advanced formula Wood Floor Cleaner, with a touch of vinegar and [...]

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Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever walked into your kitchen, looked at your cabinets and think, “Wow, have they changed in appearance.”The truth is that over time vapors and oils from cooking adhere to the finish on the faces of cabinetry whether they are painted, have a varnish, or a urethane finish; it even happens with cabinets that [...]

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Effortless Cooktop Cleaning

Cleaning up after cooking a meal, whether its a just for yourself or for your entire family, is never fun. Moreover, no one likes spending more time than should be needed to finish the cleaning process. When your cooktop gets full of food residue, cooking grease, and stains you are hesitant to scratch your cooktop [...]

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No More Stains!

Stains are an unavoidable nuisance. While having lunch, a slip of the hand and bingo, mayo drips onto your shirt. Watching the game on Sunday and salsa slips off the cracker onto the carpet. Driving along in the car, you hit a bump in the road and the drink in your hand splashes the beverage [...]

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Renew That Scratched and Worn Wood

Like anything else, furniture, woodwork, doors, and all household staples get old, scratched and worn down; wear and tear is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple solution to touch-up your scratched and worn wood furniture?Parker & Bailey have created the solution you have been looking for; The Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers. [...]

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​Make Your Stainless Steel Surfaces Sparkle

Most of us love the way stainless steel appliances look in a new kitchen. They can even instantlyupgrade an older kitchen. However, one drawback, and one that most of us can agree on, is how they can be difficult to keep clean and retain that straight-from-the-showroom shine.Thankfully, we offer an easy-to-use product that safely cleans [...]

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Backyard Grillers Rejoice

If you are like me, after awhile you get sick of looking at greasy barbecue grill grates. Yes you scrape them with a wire brush, but somehow the grime doesn’t let go. And for all us backyard grilling masters, we know that grease doesn’t just live on the grates themselves, but under the hood and on the surface of the barbecue [...]

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Parker & Bailey’s Patio Furniture Cleaner & UV Protectant

No More Winter Grime!Take a good look at your patio furniture. For those of you who suffer through long, cold winters, spring is just around the corner. Your furniture, whether it’s on your deck or around your pool, will probably be coated with winter grime. For you warm weather folks, now is a perfect time to freshen up the [...]

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Restore the Beauty of Your Hard Wood Floors

Wood floors are beautiful to look at and very comfortable to walk on, and in order to retain their beautiful appearance, it’s important to care for them properly.How you ask? It’s quite simple actually, and not as daunting or laborious as it might seem. Sweeping or vacuuming the sand directly from wood floor surfaces will [...]

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