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Parker & Bailey Blog

New Year’s Resolution…No More Stains

How many of us have made a New Year’s resolution only to see it abandoned in a short period of time. Well, here’s a resolution you can keep…no more stains!Stains are an unavoidable nuisance. While having lunch, a slip of the hand and bingo, mayo drips onto your shirt. Watching the game on Sunday and [...]

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Bring Your Kitchen Cabinets Back to Life

Have you ever walked into your kitchen, looked at your cabinets and think, “Wow, have theychanged in appearance.” The truth is that over time vapors and oils from cooking adhere to thefinish on the faces of cabinetry whether they are painted or have a varnish or urethane finish;it even happens with cabinets that have a [...]

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Welcome to the new Parker & Bailey Website and Blog

These are exciting times at Parker & Bailey as we have proudly launched our new website. With theredesign, customers can easily explore the site and learn about our complete line of Wood Careproducts, and our Cleaners & Polishes. The ease of use also extends to our online store, as specificenhancements will provide a better online [...]

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