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maintaining your hardwood floors

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Practical Advice From Parker & Bailey- A Great Routine For Maintaining Wood Floors

Wood flooring certainly can add a significant amount of charm and sophistication to any room in your home. Unfortunately, they do not hide dirt and grime in the same manner that carpeting does. That is exactly why some people consider wood flooring to be at or near the top of the high-maintenance list. As much as they love the look and feel of the wood floors, they do not enjoy the upkeep. However, cleaning wood floors on a regular basis is necessary for protecting and maintaining them in the long run.

That being said, getting into a regular routine will make the task a lot easier. Before you know it, cleaning your wood floors will become like second nature. In a best-case scenario, it will end up being a satisfying experience. In the minimum, it will not seem as difficult as it was in the past. Your wood floor maintenance routine should include a daily and weekly schedule as listed below.

The Daily Schedule

The best daily defense against both surface damage and scratches is to dust your floors with a micro-fiber mop or cloth. Most micro-fiber cleaning tools are designed to incorporate static electricity that picks up dirt particles. A great deal of people tend to use a broom for this task. However, that only pushes around the dirt and over time can scratch the wood. Here’s a good tip for you: when cleaning wood floors with a micro-fiber mop always avoid lifting it off of the floor. It keeps the dirt trapped on the pad.

The Weekly Schedule

Daily dusting is not enough to properly maintain your wood floors. You should also clean the wood floors each week with a spray mop. This accomplishes a few things. The spray mop will remove even more dirt from the surface areas, which will enable you to clean those hard to reach spots. It will also maintain a nice shine on your wood floors. Spray mops are incredibly effective at cleaning wood floors.

However, you must be extremely careful as to the solution you are spraying. For example, avoid using soap-based cleaners on your wood floors, as they tend to leave a residue. General cleaning solutions may contain chemicals that will harm the wood. Your best choice is to only use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed to clean wood floor. With a little bit of effort maintaining your wood floors is a fairly easy process. It is well worth taking the extra time out of your day and week to keep them in great shape. You will notice the difference.

Parker & Bailey Wood Floor Cleaner uses an advanced formula that includes natural cleaning ingredients and a touch of vinegar to gently lift dirt off of your wood floor surfaces without harming the finish.

Parker & Bailey Wood Floor Cleaner 64 Ounce Refill works with all spray mop systems, and is available on our website or at fine retailers across the globe.

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