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Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers Saves The Holidays

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We've all experienced the aggravation of having a scratched or marked-up piece of furniture. Many times, when trying to fix a scratch we make the damage even worse. Don't allow this annoyance to ruin your home's aesthetic for the upcoming holiday season!

Fortunately for us all, Parker & Bailey has a great solution for our home improvement needs. Check out the Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers; these touch-up markers will save you time and frustration by simply filling your scratched furniture, cabinetry, and even hardwood floors! These touch-up markers are a great and easy solution as they will gently and effectively fill your scratches anywhere around your home. The three wood-toned markers blend with just about all the wood finishes you can think of. Touch-up markers are also incredibly easy and versatile to use; they are an essential item for any caring homeowner. Simply apply the marker most similar to your wood finish, whether it is a chair, table, wood floor, etc., and voila, these touch-up markers will fill and blend any scratch to perfection. No more worrying about those annoying scratches, and start enjoying a scratch-free happy holiday season!