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Practical Advice From Parker & Bailey-Home Decorating On A Tight Budget

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It goes without saying that home decorating can be a costly endeavor. Even if you only wish to redecorate a single room, the expenses add up rather quickly. The good news is that you can decorate on a tight budget as long as you have a little know-how and a lot of discipline. In order to pull this off successfully you must have a plan. While it is true that proper planning is the key to any successful home decorating project, it becomes that much more important when you are dealing with a tight budget.

Doing your homework ahead of time will significantly reduce the chances of bumping into an unwanted surprise during the process. You should start off by finding a design style that fits your tastes. Search online and through design magazines until you discover a style that truly inspires you. The next step is to break your project down into various categories such as accessories, decor, flooring, furniture, and paint. Browse some stores or search online to determine what the components of the project will cost you.

If you plan to install new flooring or paint the walls and do not feel comfortable attempting the work yourself, then hire a handyman rather than a contractor. They typically cost less money. Check their references first to ensure quality work. Once you have a solid project price point in mind, the next step is to carefully examine your finances. You need to be completely honest with yourself as to how much money you can spend on the home decorating project.

If your finances happen to fall short of the associated costs of the project, do not worry too much as you do have some choices. While some people delay the project until they have saved up more money, most would rather figure out a way to get started sooner rather than later. You can always reduce the scope of the project. For example, instead of purchasing brand new furniture you can save a tremendous amount of money buying second hand pieces. Try a used furniture store, thrift shop, or even the local classified ads instead.

Keep in mind that the furniture does not need to be brand new in order to look great in your home. You may very well be surprised to learn how many great used pieces are out there. You can also spice up your existing furniture with new cushions, pillows, or even a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes all it takes is moving your current furniture around to different spots in the room in order to obtain a new perspective. When moving furniture in and around the space, you should always take some precautions. The last thing that you want to do is scratch the floor or tear the carpet. Fortunately we have the perfect solution in order to avoid these issues.

Parker & Bailey Gliders are designed to provide you with the ability to quickly and easily move furniture and other heavy items around without worrying about scratching or ruining your floors. Parker & Bailey Gliders provide you with the ability to move/slide heavy items with a minimal amount of friction.

Parker & Bailey Gliders are available directly on our website or at fine retailers across the globe.

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