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Practical Advice From Parker & Bailey-How To Stop Furniture From Damaging Your Wood And Tile Floors. Felt pads

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Practical Advice From Parker & Bailey-How To Stop Furniture From Damaging Your Wood And Tile Floors

While hardwood and tile floors are fairly easy to maintain, they are vulnerable to scratches.It is challenging to protect them from children that love to walk around your house in their sports cleats, pets with their sharp nails, and your friends that always seem to show up in high heels. The last thing you need is for your furniture to cause any ugly damage. For example, when someone moves or slides a chair across a wood or tile floor, it may cause scratches chips, cracks, and or dents.

Heavy pieces of furniture that are not moved on a frequent basis can also be an issue, as their legs can cause a great deal of damage to wood and tile floors. This happens when the furniture pieces either weigh a lot or hold a significant amount of weight. Do not allow your furniture to cause unnecessary damage to your hardwood and tile floors. The solution may be a lot easier and more cost effective than you think. Heavy duty felt pads are a simple, affordable, and extremely effective way to protect your floors and preserve their beauty.

Much like the name implies, these damage saving devices are made out of a soft felt textile. They also contain a self-adhesive material on the back. This makes it very easy to apply the units to the legs of your chairs, beds, buffets, bureaus, china cabinets, credenzas, desks, ottomans, and tables. Start by carefully laying the piece of furniture on its side. Clean the legs or areas where you will be applying the felt pad with a dry rag. Then clean the legs with a small amount of soap and water and allow to dry completely afterwards. This will help the felt pad stick properly.

The felt side should be facing the floor. Remove the paper backing, position the felt pad in the center of each leg and press it on firmly. Hold it for approximately ten (10) seconds in order to create a tight seal. Repeat the process for all legs and on all of your furniture pieces that come into direct contact with the wood and tile floors. Check the felt pads every few months. That way you will be able to see if they are wearing down or need replacement.

Heavy duty felt pads allow furniture that is moved around on a daily basis, such as chairs and ottomans, to easily slide on the floors without causing any damage. They also provide a nice padding that cushions the weight between heavier furniture pieces and the floor itself.You will be surprised and even amazed at how well the felt pads will protect your wood and tile floors. In the long run, heavy duty felt pads will absolutely save you a great deal of money and time.

Parker & Bailey Heavy Duty Felt Pads are a cost effective and simple solution to protect your wood and tile floors from damage caused by sliding chairs and ottomans, along with the weight of heavy furniture. Our felt pads are stronger, contain a longer lasting adhesive, and include more felt cushioning than the competition.

Parker & Bailey Heavy Duty Felt Pads are available directly on our website or at fine retailers across the globe.

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