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Renew That Scratched and Worn Wood

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Like anything else, furniture, woodwork, doors, and all household staples get old, scratched and worn down; wear and tear is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple solution to touch-up your scratched and worn wood furniture?

Parker & Bailey have created the solution you have been looking for; The Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers. These markers are specially formulated and designed specifically for restoring and touching up all types of wood furniture and flooring. From furniture and woodwork, to mantles, doors, paneling and floors, the Parker & Bailey Touch-Up Markers will restore the original-looking color to whatever scratch or dent you apply them to. The Touch-Up Markers are formulated for a long lasting and colorfast result that will dry within seconds after application.

So, come visit Parker & Bailey to get those Touch-Up Markers and start restoring your home at ease.