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Simple Solutions To Protect And Repair Your Home Furnishings

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Over time, we all nick our furniture one way or another. Whether its from carrying groceries through the house, kids running around playing with toys, pets scratching furniture, rearranging furniture layouts for hosting, or just the inevitable wear-and-tear, furniture needs some attention once in a while.

If you have never tried using Felt Pads, then we have a very simple do-it-yourself solution that will help you maintain and increase the lifespan of your furnishings! Try, Parker & Bailey’s Felt Pads. These pads are an effective and easy solution to prevent floor markings and scratching, prevents chair, table, couch, etc., legs from bending and cracking, and eliminates screeching when your furnishings are moved! Parker & Bailey’s Felt Pads are long lasting adhesive pads that will protect your wood and tile flooring as well as the applied to furniture. All you have to do is stick the pad, that comes in a variety of sizes, onto the bottom of the legs of the furnishings, and you are done! Moreover, you no longer have to worry about your furniture waking-up you or you kids!

If your needs extend beyond Felt Pads or scratch and damage prevention, we have another easy repair solution for you to try: Parker & Bailey’s Wood Furniture Repair Kit. Along with the natural wear-and-tear of furnishings, comes scratching and chipping. Whether you are a great artist or not, this Wood Furniture Repair Kit will work for you and your home. This kit includes three markers, and five crayons in several different color finishes. Simply apply the most similar color to the scratched and or chipped area, and voila! Your furniture will look as if nothing had ever happened to it. The Parker & Bailey Wood Furniture Repair Kit has specially formulated markers and filler sticks, or crayons that are designed to restore the color and look to the scratched and worn-out wood surfaces. These touch-up markers work for all types of home furnishings including doors, furniture, woodwork, floors, paneling, and more!

So, if you are interested in some easy do-it-yourself home improvement solutions, the new Parker & Bailey Felt Pads and Wood Furniture Repair Kit are two excellent choices!


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