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Parker & Bailey's New Lemon Oil Polish

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Thanks to our R&D team, along with our customers comments, we have created a new and improved Parker & Bailey Lemon Oil Polish bottle! Our new system includes an improved spout so to allow better functionality and control of your Lemon Oil Polish application.

Now, you are able to apply our Lemon Oil Polish with precision, and care. Parker & Bailey Lemon Oil Polish can be used to clean ceramic sinks, bathtubs, cleaning of wood window sills, and much more. Our great formula cleans, renews, and penetrates fine wood finishes replacing the woods' natural oils.

Now that we are in the middle of summer, and our homes are filled with sunlight for most of the day make sure your furniture is back to looking like-new! Our Lemon Oil Polish will not only replenish your woods' natural look, our Polish will also protect your wood surface from sun fading, drying and cracking. Make sure you keep your house looking fresh for the summer!

Remember, just like our skin, your wood furniture needs protection from the sun. Parker & Bailey Lemon Oil Polish will protect your furniture through the summer's rays and our new spout system will help you apply our Polish with ease!

Thank you for your feedback, and helping us create a better product.

Best Regards,
Mr. Bailey

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